About the Exhibition


Okładka wystawy

Crossroads - ks. Janusz St. Pasierb in Żabno


We invite you to watch an exhibition which is about ks. Janusz Stanisław Pasierb (ks. - Priest).

The exhibition is an effect of work of students from ZSP Żabno, which takes part in a project called: "Przywracanie pamięci pokoleń", 12 students decided to collect and keep Crumbs and memory of Żabno residents about a man, which though he spent hardly few years of war, He left after himself a lot of memories, and for whom Żabno has always remained one of the most important places.

There are still people who remember priest Pasierb, and memories of those people will be the most important part of this exhibition.

There are still, poems and house he spent his childhood in.

The exhibition is also about actions taken by ZSP Żabno(as one of two schools in Poland, bearing name after Priest Pasierb) to promote the figure of their patron.


Within the framework of a project, during special workshops, students learned about exploring digital archives, conducting interviews and they got familiar with MOVIO system powering  creation of digital exhibitions